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has something to do with rounding her or creating who she was.... >> it was both a somber service and a celebration of life at a south side church, where hundreds of mourners gathered to pay their final respects to 15 year old hadiya pendleton. >> good evening, i'm robert jordan. >> i'm jackie bange. dan ponce joins us with tonight's top story: >> it was a very high-profile visit from first lady michelle obama, who attended the funeral along with the state's top leaders and other dignitaries. but none of them spoke during the service. the family wanted the focus to be on hadiya pendleton, who is the current face of gun violence in chicago.
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and choreography during the nearly three hour funeral service for hadiya pendleton. her casket at front of the greater harvest baptist church on the south side as mourners paid their respects. before the service, first lady michele obama spent about 30 minutes with pendleton's closest friends and relatives. mrs. obama then greeted the other dignitaries and leaders who attended the funeral. >>the most moving part of the service was the five minutes hadiya pendleton's mother spoke to the congregation: >> don't know everything, you don't know how hard this really is. and those of you that do no hard this is, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> cleopatra pendleton smiled and laughed as she remembered her daughter. she also offered advice to other parents: >> it starts with the small things. when your children try to talk to you, listen. >>at the family's request, the focus of the service was on the life of hadiya pendleton. and
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not politics or gun-control. that's why significant time was given to her friends to offer their thoughts. >>we did everything together. there's a million things i can say about her. i'm so grateful to have had her in my life. >>i know that she's not gonna be there anymore, but she's going to be in my heart so i'm gonna be strong for her. >>still, religious leaders who spoke today, including father michael pfleger, said the girl's death should be a call to action in reducing gun violence. >>hadiya, in her innocence and her joy and her contagious smile ... caused each of us to recognize our failure is a society that has allowed guns to become part of our wardrobe. >>no mother, and no father should ever have to experience this. on tuesday, senator dick durbin will chair a hearing on gun violence and the 2nd amendment. it will take place in washington d.c. members of the pendleton
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family are expected to attend. still the suspect is in custody there is a reward out for $40,000. >> chicago's deep sadness over the killing of hadiya pendleton was evident as hundreds gathered outside the greater harvest baptist church. wgn's randi belisomo has the story: >> the crowd began to form hours before services were scheduled to start. >>i didn't know her personally, but just this outpouring of people here shows she had a lot of love, alot of support from people. >>a solemn air settled upon south state, as the casket of 15 year-old hadiya pendleton arrived. hers wasn't a life that was to turn out this way. she was a cut above the street violence that has plagued our city. >>she was just very sweet. her brother needed her sometimes i was his kindergarten teacher. she would come down and console him and make sure he was ok in the classroom. she would work
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with him and help me out. i just can't say enough about her. this young man lost his mother 14th. >>my mother, she was a neighborhood woman. a guy entered her home and murdered her just to steal. >>many parents here say this time, it feels like it was one of their own. >>i just draw them in a little bit closer. i can't really shelter them, because they do have to grow up in this world. i just keep an eye out on them. >>they say the city cannot afford losing any more hope, whether it be symbolic in nature or real. in a city that tracks murders by months and by numbers hadiya pendleton is far more than that. >>our presence here as a people white, black, poor, rich, we all need to be out here to show that we're not going to stand for this. this killing... it's just unnecessary, and i hate it.
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>> randi belisomo, wgn news. chicago police have issued a sketch of a man... who they say tried to sexually assault a 24 year old woman in the portage park neighborhood this past week. he's described as an hispanic male... about 40 years of age... weighing some 130-pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. the victim was walking on grace street near leclaire avenue on the northwest side... when the suspect attempted to sexually assault her. investigators also say a black chevrolet tahoe or trailblazer with what's called "sport" headlights was used in the attack... but did not specify how. police are investigating an accident that sent five people to the hospital overnight. it happened at the interesection of three major streets -- halsted, lincoln and fullerton, around 2:30 this morning. three cars were involved... two of them taxicabs. a car crashed into one taxi ... the impact then causing it to crash into a second cab.
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paramedics took all five victims to the hospital in serious-to-critical condition. chicago police have charged a 22 year old mother and her boyfriend with child abuse. police say priscilla forys and 21 year old julian hernandez bit -- scalded and broke the bones of an eight-month old boy. also, a three-year old girl was so badly neglected that she lost weight and hair. both adults have been charged with felony aggravated battery and misdemeanor endangering the life and health of a child. the children are now in the custody of the department of children and family services. called the "illinois immigrant integration policy summit"-- it was well-attended by elected officials and community leaders. free workshops on how to become a u-s citizen were offered along with information on immigrant rights in getting drivers' licenses. other workshops provided information on domestic violence, mental health,
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healthcare, education, housing and jobs. the manhunt for a former los angeles police officer has widen to include the mexican border. next, the latest on the search for the man believed to be responsible for several murders. many people in new england are digging out after 3 ft. of snow fell over the last 24 hours i am chris welch in boston i will have an update and thousands make their way to mccormick place for the opening of this year's auto show. a storm moving from the plains states will bring rain and freezing rain to chicago overnight we will have details with the full forecast still ahead
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>> the blizzard of 2013 that pounded the northeastern united states is over. now it's time for them to dig- out. 5 people have died, and more than 600,000 electric customers
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to come back on. reporter chris welch is in boston, saying that parts of new england saw more than 3 feet of snow. >>from pennsylvania to maine the east coast is digging out after a massive blast of winter. >>there's just really no place to put the snow ... >>on long island, people had to be rescued from cars left frozen in place in the middle of the road. one firefighter said it was like nothing he had ever seen. >>for them it was a very traumatic experience throughout the night. some of them had no cellphone contact or ran out of gas many were frightened. >>the storm has resulted in a number of deaths, including that of a 12 year-old boston boy who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting inside a running car to keep warm. >>on the brighter side in worcester, massachusetts the national guard helped ems crews to get to a home to deliver a baby. >>thank god for them because they're the ones that got us out of there. >>as utility crews and rescuers do their work, new york gov. andrew cuomo is calling for residents to stay out of the
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way: >>please stay in your homes, we do not need you on the roads. there are a large number of emergency vehicles. it is dangerous to be on the roads. >>meanwhile, some are just enjoying the winter weather. >>this know so far has been really fun! >>yes! it's been really fun! >>the storm dropped snow at a furious rate, up to 4 or 5 in. per hour. parts of connecticut sought total snowfall as high 38 inches! this time lapse video was shot on a deck in hamden, connecticut. the snow eventually covers the lens. the blizzard knocked out power to more than 635,000 customers. the travel bans that were in place in connecticut rhode island and here in massachusetts have all been lifted at this hour. but emergency officials urged people to please stay inside unless it is absolutely necessary. reporting from boston mass., i'm chris welch.
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>> and with huge disasters come stories of heroism. here is one from the town of wallingford, connecticut. this firefighter was responding to an emergency call of someone having difficulty breathing. the roads were impassable so the only way to reach the caller's house... was by trudging through several feet of snow. >>authorities in california say they'll search under every rock or where-ever it takes them... to find a former los angeles cop accused of killing three people... as part of *his* revenge plot targeting law officers and their families. they resumed their search today in the big bear lake, california mountainous area. teams of police departments are looking for 33-year old christopher dorner... among hundreds of homes in the mountains that serve as vacation get-aways... some of which are temporarily unoccupied. and... c-n-n acquired this
9:14 pm
surveillance video from an auto parts store in san diego county. cnn says it appears to show dorner tossing a magazine full of bullets and a military belt into a dumpster on monday... the day after he allegedly shot and killed two people before also shooting a police officer. >> a fight in a texas mall -- leads to a deadly shooting. tyler police say they have the killer in custody. the victim -- identified as 23 year old chris mass -- died outside the broadway square mall. arrested at the scene and charged with first-degree murder was 25 year old ricky neal jr. of henderson. the two men reportedly had a fight in the mall this morning and went outside where the shooting occured. >> in the mountains of chile early this morning, a bus crash killed a dozen chilean soccer fans. another 22 people were injured when the bus fell nearly 100 feet down a mountainside near tome. the bus was carrying about 45
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fans of one of chile's top soccer teams. they were returning home at 2:00 a.m. after their team's victory, when the driver lost control of the bus and careened down the mountain. lots of wishes being made at mccormick place this weekend. next, we'll take you inside this year's auto show. also, why more than 60,000 took to the streets of dublin in protest. and later, our restaurant critic visits a spot that he expects to be the best new restaurant of the year. [ female announcer ] switch to swiffer 360 duster extender and you'll dump your old duster. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ ♪ who's that lady? ♪ ♪ sexy lady ♪ ♪ who's that lady? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer 360 duster extender cleans high and low, with thick all around fibers that attract and lock up to two times more dust
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into fabrics to eliminate odors and leaves a light fresh scent. just another way febreze helps you breathe happy. seeing is believing... and that was the purpose of an event today... to showcase the endless possibilities for children with disabilities who want to get active and athletic. it was sponsored by the chicago children's museum and a group called "dare to try" at navy pier. those with disabilties took part in sled hockey... goal ball... hand-cycling... even judo. current athletes with disabilities shared their stories with visitors. just goes to show... everyone wants a chance to prove themselves and have fun in the process. it's one of the most popular events every winter... the chicago auto show. wgn's sean lewis was there for opening day:
9:19 pm
>>as the masses lined up to be the first inside this year's chicago auto show, the dignitaries lined up to cut the ribbon. the employees handed out the programs, and 12 year-old abraham allibrown came to volunteer with the boy scouts, and apparently found himself a new career. >>i would say my favorite car would be this one, the ford mustang. >>what's so cool about it? >>well, it has good gas mileage, it's blue, and nice. >>sounds like you're selling me this car. >>yes, if you wanna buy it. we'll take a ride ... >>a pro in the making, really. even if it is his second year here. >>i'm not old enough to drive. >>and then there is emmett boxer, who we could barely get to stand still. this is his
9:20 pm
first of many auto shows to come, according to his dad joe. >>he is a car lover. so is his little brother. but it's a special day, i thought i would bring him out. >>others have come here many more times. >>this show has been the oldest in the country and it's the largest in the country it is 19505 years old ... >>more than half of that time ... >>53 years ... >>it has been an annual stop for the family of john stern. >>i took my family ... my wife on one of our first dates here. we have been coming ever since. this is my son, and i have seven grandsons. now we bring my sons with us and my nephews. it's a great tradition. it's guys day out. >>generations of guys coming to check out the slick simulators, the jeep test track plus the new models. and those new models ... >>the models are few and far between now. >>but before models were all over, on every display. they had beautiful models. >>you're talking about those new jeep models, right?
9:21 pm
>>no i'm talking about the two legged ones! >>at mccormick place sean lewis, wgn news what we you going to say robert? >>i remember covering that show back in the day and there were some very nice models ... and the cars weren't bad either >> this is the 105th chicago auto show. and it runs through february 18th at mccormick place. still to come tonight frustration on the streets of ireland. thousands protest proposed cuts. also, dozens have been killed in a series of car bombings in iraq. and later, a celebration of the lunar new year, right here in chicago.
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#22. mega millions is $13 million ... get one for your sweetheart on valentine's day on the weekend before his state of the union address... president obama is urging congress to pass another short- term mix of spending cuts and tax changes. he says it would avoid automatic "across the board" spending-cuts set to take place on the first of march. >>and now, most members of congress including many republicans, don't think it's a good idea to put thousands of jobs at risk and do unnecessary damage to our economy. and yet the current republican plan puts the burden of avoiding those cuts mainly on seniors and middle-class families.
9:26 pm
they'd rather ask more from the vast majority of americans-- and put our recovery at risk-- than close even a single tax loophole that benefits the wealthy. the president said the short- term fix is needed... knowing it takes time to hash-out a broader budget deal in congress. he says if the march 1st cuts aren't averted... military and middle-class families and the economy will suffer. republicans in their weekly address urged an increase in domestic energy production. >> ...through sensible regulatory reforms, we can prevent the misuse of environmental laws, and allow projects to proceed-- all the while maintaining the highest environmental standards in the world. senator murkowski says the u.s. should approve the keystone x-l pipeline project which would run from canada to texas. she is also calling for streamlining epa regulations... and investing more in research.
9:27 pm
>> protests in six cities in ireland today... demonstrating against austerity measures taken by the government because of the country's severe economic problems. this protest in dublin had an estimated 60,000 demonstrators march through the streets of the country's capitol. they were speaking-out against budget cuts and the national debt burden. it was six years ago that the financial crisis hit ireland... plunging ireland's banking system into a debt spiral. today's demonstrations were organized by irish trade unions. >> in a small town in south africa today, a funeral was held for a teenage girl who was brutally raped and mutilated by a gang of men... one of whom was her friend. the family of 17 year old anene (ah-neen') booysen (boy'-sen) asked authorities not to reveal details of her death... because her injuries were so horrific. she lived long enough to identify one of the attackers. three men have been arrested so far, and police expect to arrest more. sexual violence is so prevalent
9:28 pm
in south africa, it's estimated a woman is raped every 4 minutes. >>to make this high-profile is the kind of thing that shames public office bearers into action. you can't ignore an outpouring of rage and an outpouring of grief. marches and memorial services are planned in the coming days.. leading up to the court appearances of the three men arrested for the attack. >> car bombings in iraq have killed at least three dozen people and injured nearly 100 others. it was the deadliest day in iraq in two months. the attacks took place in mostly shia areas of iraq. car bombs exploded at several sites, including a taxi stand, a fruit market and an outdoor pet market in baghdad. all of the victims were civilians. an effort is underway in egypt to unite two divided palestinian groups ... the fatah and hamas.
9:29 pm
leaders of the two factions met in cairo to discuss the future of palestine. fatah is open to negotiating the establishment of a palestinian state with israel, while hamas does not recognize israel as a legitimate state. news of president obama's planned visit to israel this spring may have spurred the talks... in hopes of restaring israeli-palestinian peace efforts. temperatures will be on the rise tomorrow. and jim ramsey says the warmer day will also bring rain. he'll tell us when it will arrive, next.
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some of the snowfall coming out of the northeast those reports are staggering in connecticut there are places that had between 30 and 40 in. of snow central park in new york city has 11 in. ... no here in the chicago area we're watching a system bringing rain not snow. at least in the beginning some freezing rain we're not expecting the freezing rain to accumulate very much but that will happen about 4:00 this morning are tomorrow morning and it might be a misty drizzle it will freeze on a few surfaces
9:33 pm
until about 9:00 tomorrow morning so if you are leaving early keep that in mind and no major accumulation is expected we did have some sunbreaks today but the clouds will arrive again tonight they will bring rain to chicago tomorrow your has dropped to 28 degrees. temperatures wanna be dropping much overnight tonight we expect him to stay steady so when you get up in the morning we will look at temperatures between 26 and 30 degrees humidity 88% to 2.25 ... all across the area it is cool and constant the lakefront is showing some warmer temperatures and northwest indiana as well the wind is not particularly strong so some hazy
9:34 pm
conditions in waukegan only 4 mi. visibility there ... and there's just enough trees to produce a slight wind chill on o'hare 20 degrees 32 at the lakeshore ... let's take a look at the wind for the next couple of days in excess of 30 mi. per hour for each of the next two days through monday the wind will subside after that. and there rain event we are watching moving toward the chicago area: things are clearing tomorrow afternoon for some sunshine it will spill into the chicago area and things will be messy in the morning blizzard warnings are in effect in the high plains ... and this
9:35 pm
storm in the northeast is pushing out over the atlantic ... showers develop overnight with clouds freezing rain possible breezy at times tomorrow low temperature 26-30 degrees tomorrow or cast rain and windy ... the high temperatures between 42 and 47 degrees ... sunday night continuous clouds passing showers windy at times gusts up to 30 mi. per hour 38 degrees the low temperature are for night tomorrow monday snow showers with little accumulation colder temperatures will be with us continued windy conditions between 36 and 39 degrees monday will have more on the update and the 7 day forecast it's not just the restaurant's name, it's the owner's philosophy. next, our dining critic visits
9:36 pm
also, how they're having some fun with the snow in poland this weekend. and a rough day for northwestern as the injury woes continue to mount. rich king has the highlights later in sports. hey sis, it's so great to see you. you, too! oh, cloudy glasses. you didn't have to come over! actually, honey i think i did... oh? you did? whoa, ladies, easy. hi. cascade kitchen counselor. we can help avoid this with cascade complete pacs. see, over time, cascade complete pacs fight film buildup 2 times better than finish quantum to help
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9:39 pm
ago, but chicago tribune restaurant critic phil vettel says its already one of the best restaurants in the city. heres his review. >> grace, which opened in december, is a spectacular haven of elegance and refinement, which means expensive. for many of us, dinner here is a rich uncle or a lottery ticket away. but chef/owner curtis duffy formerly chef at avenues and sous chef at alinea, has a ready answer as to why he went the luxury route: >>it's all that i know. you know, it would be unfair for me to stop what i was pursuing, and work backwards. >>for those who do visit here's what you can expect: a beautiful dining room, elegant and neutral, even the art is abstract, so you focus on the chef's plates. a huge glass- enclosed kitchen, where you can see duffy at work. this guy has more tweezers in his kitchen than i do forks in mine. and glimpse the coolest-looking spice rack in the world. even the restrooms are special designed for the seasons. this is the winter room with its ice floe sink and it's igloo-look
9:40 pm
wall tiles. not cold, but very cool. dinner will be a parade of eight to twelve courses, focused intensely on star ingredients. this is the carrot course.... a root to sprout composition of caramelized carrots, carrot chips and carrot tops. here we have a study in parsnip: puree and gelee, with dried pineapple, raw fennel and frozen tarragon ice. the vegetable menu includes fortified chestnut puree with black truffles, salted truffle meringue in red sorrel leaves, and meaty maitake mushrooms served with a coffee-infused potato puree. after these two courses, i felt as though i had eaten a steak. on the protein side, there's a cute, side-by- side veal cheek dish that is almost dancing literally cheek to cheek. and a meld of poached salmon, cabbage leaves and potato, jazzed up by a citrus foam. desserts continue the ingredient-focused pattern. this is poached quince, rolled into cones filled with tamarind juice, held together in place with quince puree. poached cranberries arrive with toasted
9:41 pm
meringue and pine ice. and my favorite combines coconut flesh with coconut water gelee and vivid basil sorbet and african blue basil. i give grace (652 west randolph st.) ....4 stars. grace is the best new restaurant in chicago, and even though it's only february, i don't think i'll change my mind in 10 months. for wgn news and the chicago tribune, this is phil vettel. he went way out on the lam with that one ... the second week in a row a four-star restaurant ... >> for more on this week's restaurant, text phil to: 9 7 9 9 9 ringing in the lunar new year on the west side. next, a special celebration at the garfield park conservatory. and fat tuesday is right around the corner- so you know what that means.... it's paczki time.
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a whole new meaning. and now swiffer wet and dry refills are available with the fresh scent of gain. the phrase-of-the-day at the garfield park conservatory this weekend is:- "happy new year." they're celebrating the chinese new year throughout the conservatory -- commemorating the "year of the snake" on the ancient chinese zodiac. because of different dating systems -- tomorrow marks either the the start of the year 4710 -- 4709 -- or 4649. regardless -- it's a reason to celebrate with music and dancing -- finding lucky plants -- or planting a new leaf for the new year.
9:46 pm
chicagoans usually moan with pride about the windy city's snow falls -- but the folks in northford, connecticut may well have topped us. this was the sight that greeted kenth astrom of northford -- as he prepared to do a bit of snow-shoveling early this morning. other photos posted on facebook show even deeper accumulations of snow -- that faced homeowners. blankets -- during the roaring northeast blizzard that dropped as much as 30-inches on some areas. there's nothing like that in our 7 day forecast, right, jim ramsey? you can see this system we are watching coming out of missouri ... we expected to be raining here about three or 4:00 tomorrow morning it will be freezing rain and it's moving across the area the backside of this might have a few
9:47 pm
snowflakes involve that will be seen monday ... we will see a half inch of snow with south bend expecting a little under a half-inch at o'hare as well ... not much snow fall here just a few tenths of an inch not enough to shell ... the 7 day forecast has tuesday and wednesday and thursday with temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 30's with more snow probably thursday but it does not appear to be a major system we will watch that closely temperatures beyond matt kain colter as the arctic air pushes into the area going into next weekend the high saturday will be 22 degrees in south-western poland they're having fun with their snow. the polish snow sculpting championship was underway in a ski resort area today. the rules required snow-carvers to create a sculture from a five foot-by-five foot cube-shaped block of snow.
9:48 pm
it might have been easier than working with granite -- but it still required a lot of effort. the results were eye-catching -- and it's certainly a fun way to deal with too much snow. there are some full bellies across town tonight.... recovering from a paczki eating contest. bennison's bakery in evanston held its fourth annual competitoin... who can eat the most packzi's in five minutes. contestants pair up in teams of two... and then go at it. the winners this year... jamie mcdonald and tommy cortina. they managed to down 39 of the polish pastries. they split 300-dollars in cash... and a few more paczki. cortina is an old hand at this ... he won last year. mcdonald is from out of town... he says he saw the contest on line and thought it would be fun. nothing beats a buzzer beater. still to come, highlights from a big ten thriller that shook up the conference. and hear from coach 'q' as the
9:49 pm
blackhawks head to l-a to face the kings. rich king has a preview, next in sports. a febreze experiment. to prove febreze can keep this car fresh, we loaded it with fast food, sweaty hockey gear and a smelly dog cage. and parked it at a mall. in texas. for two days. then put a febreze car vent clip on the dash and let in real people. it smells good. like laundry fresh out of like the dryer. yeah. a man fresh out of the shower. nailed it. oh yeah. proof. febreze car vent clips keep your car fresh. another way febreze helps you breathe happy.
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rich king joins us know ... now.... >> the way things have been gloing for bill carmody this year...its lucky his car is still in one piece..a series of mishaps has pretty much wiped out his season. jershon cobb was suspended, drew crawford got hurt early in the season and today the wildcats lost two more players at iowa. alex olah left the game after getting a blow to the head....the wildcats trying to hang in there against the hawkeyes....dave sobolewski drives in for the layup..cats down by 4 at the half.. then later...jarod swopshire tries to make ab awkward shot and winds up falling over the end line and suffering a bad knee...he was also gone... iowa then putting the game away...roy devlin marble takes it all the way after a turnover and the cats lose....71- 57...they shot just 35 percent...and are now 4 and 7 in the big ten...where there was another big upset today. sot >> ben brust hitting a miracle
9:53 pm
three from half court at the end of regulation to tie it up against third ranked michigan...and then in the overtime it was more brust...he nails another three...and the badgers go on to uoset the came two days after illinois knocked off top ranked indiana. mantai teo taking in the notre dame and louisville..a battle of top 25 teams... the irish getting a big three from pat connaton in the first half..he beats the shot clock..notre dame led by three at the intermission... but the cardinals came back in the second half..luke hancock the drive and the lay up...they jumped on top by 5..late in the game...its 47-41, louisville on top. 48-42..... lewisville is leading former depaul coach jerry wainright on the bench now for the golden eagles of marquette...and he saw his old team hang in there...donavan kirk with a three for the demons...they trailed by just 4 late in the game.. but marquette held them off..devanet gardner the scoop...and he also gets
9:54 pm
fouled....24th ranked marquette beats depaul...89-78...dropping the blue demons to 1 and 9 in the big east. the blackhawks end their long road trip in nashville tomorrow and there is not a dark cloud in the hawks sky right now...they are the best team in hockey...still unbeaten in regulation..with about a quarter of the season now in the books....when your team is 9-0-2.... there is nothing to complain about. >>it was nice to have a great trip and finish off on a positive note. it's been a very productive trip. the play had some stretches where it has been excellent. the last game the one in vancouver, might have been one of our top games ... i liked the way the guys played in the last game, in the start and in all areas of our game and in all aspects, they were on top of it. >> bill murray in a loving mood for round three at pebble beach...he gives the camera a big smooch... but the man who is really loving his game now in brandt snedeker...he has been red hot all year... he shot a 68 today and is tied for the lead with james hahn.. as for phil ..a hero last week in was one of us...looking for his ball on the rocks and taking a tumble in the process....he was embarrassed but okay.. after a drop...he puts another shot in
9:55 pm
the ocean.. he took an 8 for the 18th hole and shot himself out of it...phil is now 11 back. it may still be february but the boys of summer are about to show up for training camp. the pitchers and catchers for the white sox and cubs report next week and we begin our coverage tomorrow here on wgn.dan roan will have his first report at 9:40 on instant replay. and also tomorrow, we will take school career of elliot cole who sat out three years before he transfered to powerhouse high school... and blossomed.... he is the wgn tv chicago tribune prep athlete of the month. sot >>some of the stuff he does on the basketball court is unreal. like sometimes i wish you could rewind it, then call somebody to say hey, look at this ... that's the feeling you get when you watch him. sometimes he will take a shaun, and you will think no way! and then he will do it again, and you will believe. and now you are picking up your phone, and calling the next person to say he really is
9:56 pm
a special talent. he can play. wrapping it up...toronto beat the wolves 4-2 and we take you to bakersfield california..where the teams nickname is the condors. i hope i can get through this. >> during the national anthem...the condors handler is have a rough time hanging on..not easy on the ice and watch out...the bird gets away...the trainer then tracks him down...but watch out....oh...he falls on the ice and the bird is now loose for good...he strolls along the ice and then jumps onto the players bench...sending the guys scattering....this is a pretty big bird....he finally makes a run for the tunnell and is
9:57 pm
gone..the handler still in pursuit. those were some tough hockey players ... we hope the bird is ok we've got lots coming up on sports tomorrow millen we create great news and least in sports that's the news for this saturday night. i'm robert jordan. and i'm jackie bange. from all of us at wgn - thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 9:00 good night.
9:58 pm
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